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Omar is an experienced psychotherapist

Omar is an experienced psychotherapist, clinical supervisor and trainer. He has provided over 6000 hours of individual therapy, group therapy and telephone counselling service, accrued in the United States, Australia, Online and Pakistan over ten years.

Omar’s prominent career began with the reception of a Fulbright Scholarship in 2010. He completed his graduate studies in Mental Health Counselling from New York University. Since then, Omar has trained at some of the best institutes for counselling and psychotherapy in the U.S, UK, Europe, Australia, UAE and Pakistan. Omar is a clinical member of Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA) and is a CPCAB, UK Certified Supervisor.

In his private practice, Omar has worked with hundreds of individuals from Pakistan, Australia, USA, UK, UAE, Canada, NZ and Europe. He’s a sought-after therapist known for his authentic relating, complex thinking, robust ethics, diverse experience and calming presence. Omar has made appearances on TV, social media, radio and newspapers to advocate for mental health needs, and writes heartfelt articles.

During his work in Pakistan, Omar has been trusted as a counsellor for prominent public figures, politicians, bureaucrats, executives, actors, journalists, artists, educators, academics, entrepreneurs, medical professionals and foreign and domestic diplomatic mission.

Besides providing therapy, his work portfolio includes working as a school counsellor, conducting workshops and seminars for organizations, executive coaching, training therapists, giving public talks, running support groups and conducting retreats. Some of Omar’s social media talks have been seen by more than 100,000 people.

Presently Omar’s work portfolio includes working for Medibank as their Telehealth Counsellor; individual therapy and clinical supervision over Skype/Zoom; and being an Associate EAP provider for D’Accord OAS.

Omar’s area of interest is trauma counselling, processing complex grief and loss, working through anxiety and depression, understanding relational dysfunction, developing self-esteem, uncovering attachment issues, working with men, working through difficult childhood experiences, disentangling oneself from toxic relationships and family, accepting sexuality etc. He primarily works with adults between 25-65 who don’t have any risk issues presently.

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